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Hi everyone
I’m looking into low Purine options for my dog who is HUU affected., and wondered if there was any other food other than Nutriment low purine and phosphorous raw food that people knew of. I also cannot find out if tripe is high in purine - my other dogs love raw tripe, as does this HUU one, but I don’t know whether I should be feeding it or not!!!


Look up diets suitable for Dalmatians as they’re very prone to this. The Nutriment low purine has high tripe content. The first website has lists of foods which are low in purine. The other one is specifically about Dalmatians so my have lots of info.

Thanks Schnauday. I have looked extensively at Dalmatian websites, but was really looking to see if there were any other ready-made foods people knew of - being idle really as I didn’t want to have to go down the whole home-prepared food if there were other options. (I don’t think that one can get the River Ranch food in the UK.) I had noted that the Nutiment raw option had high tripe content, but am struggling to find out if tripe really counts as an organ meat, which HUU affected dogs should not be fed! It 's a minefield!

Hello and welcome to the forum. I am sorry that I cannot help you with your search for a low purine food - the only one I know about, having used it for my dogs is Nutriment. I don’t think that tripe is counted as organ meat - AFAIK it is known as offal. I thought that organ meat is heart, kidney and liver.
I haven’t come across HUU so just looked it up. For anyone who also is not aware of it, the condition is Hyperuricosuria and the Kennel Club website has a page explaining all about it here.

Thanks Dottie.

This thread has lots about green tripe, maybe one of the links in it may help with purine level. I wouldn’t have thought it was organ meat. As Dottie says its sold as offal.

My boy has to have low protein & low phosphate because of kidney damage. The Naturediet senior/lite trays are suitable for kidney. Drop them an email asking about purine.

I’ve been looking for a “fast food” option for when I don’t manage to make his food. Burns Hypo-allergenic mixer has a phosphorus level of 0.17% with no nasty red ingredients. Maybe something like that mixed with low purine protein would be suitable.

Let us know what you find out

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