Hi everyone
We have 3 rescue dogs, but my question is regarding our first, who is 7 years old (been with us since 4 weeks old - abandoned in a carrier bag/ditch as a newborn). Harry is Belgian Shepherd/Maremma mix and was diagnosed with Leishmaniasis 2 years ago. He has always had a good diet - Orijen - but I have recently learnt that this is not so good for a dog with his condition. Although great quality and high proten, the foods are all also high purine and this is the problem.

Does anyone have any experience of this and recommendations on food.

I should add that we feed dry dog food and supplement with fresh chicken and white fish. It is a more appropriate dry food that I am hoping to find.

Thank you in advance.

Hello and welcome to the forum, Sorry to hear that your dog has this condition. It isn’t something I have come across before.It sounds like you have found out that low purine food may be useful. and that high protein should be avoided. I know that nutrient do a low purine variety. That is a raw complete frozen food so you would need lots of space in your freezer.
I found this link on a face book page about lowpurinefood
I have drawn a blank searching for other low purine foods. You may be able to find some information on this thread

Good luck. Has your vet been able to offer any dietary advice?