pooch and mutt dry food does anyone feed this


does anyone feed this food the calm or sensitive one of pooch and mitt
and wandered how your dog is doing on this. it doesn’t have a bad score on the food finder. i have one dog who had to come off raw food as he became very unwell. it wasn’t parasites but merely he could just not cope digesting it. he was verging on a skeleton and blood tests suggested he was suffering malabsorption. he was on barking heads coming off his raw food and this is ok for him but don’t want to keep him just to one food long term. i have tried some of the higher protein foods and he gets the runs and acts crazy so clearly he can’t eat these foods. we have tried carbi live and millie’s as well as eden and all give him digestive upset terrible wind and weight loss. the calm pooch and mitt is just turkey so wandered whether this might be a good option but don’t want to waste anymore money. i’m keeping the homeless people’s dogs on the street currently well fed with all my food donations.

This must be frustrating for you, as well as expensive. However, you have made some progress in that you have identified that high protein does not help your dog. As far as Pooch & Mutt goes, one of our members trialled Calm and Sensitive - that thread is here. They had hoped that it would relax their dog. I once bought the light version but for reasons not to do with the food itself, I only used a very small amount.

You mention not wanting to keep your dog on one food long term and I can understand this. However, because of your dog’s problems I would be inclined to stick with a product once you have found one that suits. Some lines, e.g. James Wellbeloved, Wainwright’s have 3 or 4 flavours so if one of those suits, you could ring the changes without too much of a risk of upsetting the dog. Alternatively, you could add variety by giving nutritious toppers.