High protein and behaviour issues

Hi, I’m new to the forum but have been using the website for a year or so.

I have a 2.5 year old BC x Golden Retriever bitch who I had on Millie’s Wolfheart for about 6 months. She loved it and I was pleased with the value for money of the dry food, however, she seemed to become moody and snappy with other dogs over that time when she’d always been good natured.

I’ve read about high protein and behaviour problems but that the theory had been debunked, however I thought I try changing her to lower protein again to see if this helps. She’s back on Forthglade and atm Pooch and Mutt Relaxed and Calm kibble. This seems to be helping and she’s better tempered with most dogs again.

So it certainly looks like it affects my girl but I worry about not feeding her enough protein. She’s not a working dog but we do competitive obedience together. I keep reading about ancestral diet and they should eat mainly meat etc. So I am also considering raw, but that could affect her behaviour again…?

I know I’m overthinking this but has anyone else had a problem with protein and behaviour?

Many thanks in advance

Hello and welcome to the forum. There has been lots of debate about high protein and it how may influence behaviour. Personally. I am inclined to think that. like many things, this will depend on the individual dog. I have found that higher or lower protein doesn’t seem to make much difference for my dog.
The protein levels in the pooch and mutt are within the average range and in fourthglade, they are fairly high. so personally I wouldn’t be worried that she isn’t having enough. If it is working for you and your dog, that’s great.
It would be good if you can update and let us know if the change in her mood persists. Oh course sometimes they just mellow with age but if she is healthy, has good stools and isn’t itchy with digestive upset, then I wouldn’t worry.

Hello and welcome to to the forum. Having read up about the high protein/behaviour issue, I’ve come to the conclusion that despite what the ‘experts’ say, there is enough anecdotal evidence to suggest that some dogs may have problems with high protein diets.

My view is a bit old fashioned in that it seems sensible to feed the dog according to it’s lifestyle. I can only speak for myself but when feeding a largely sedentary dog a high protein/fat diet it is sometimes necessary to drop the portions down to prevent weight gain. This can lead to a hungry dog.

As Tinyplanets says, if your dog is content on it’s current food and the output is good then do not worry. Because you are mixing food, we cannot tell what protein level your dog is getting but Forthglade wet food has high protein/fat so your dog should be getting all that she needs. Because you do competitive obedience you want her to be receptive and calm and if you are now satisfied with her behaviour then I think it’s best to stick with her current food.

You ask about raw diet. In your circumstances I cannot see any advantage, especially as your dog was troubled by high protein food.

Thank you both for the replies.

You’re right, I will keep her as she is and stop worrying lol

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