Prince wet food

Hello I am looking for a good quality wet food to mix with dried food.

Carnilove looks very good as it has a good rating.

I also found Prince wet food. I copied and pasted the below to the generator and I got a rating of 4.5.

This is the Prince website

Did i paste the right info?

Composition: 64% consisting of chicken meat, chicken hearts, chicken liver, chicken lung, chicken tripe, chicken necks, 21.6% water, 5% sweet potatoes, 5% carrots, 4% mango, 0.2% salmon oil, 0.1% linseed oil, 0.1% shellmeatmeal.

Analytical components: Protein 11.2%, fat 6.6%, crude ash 2,2%, crude fiber 0.4%, moisture 75.0%.

Additives per kg Nutritional additives: Vitamin A 3.000 I.E., Vitamin D3 200 I.E., Vitamin E 30 mg, Biotin 300 mcg, Zinc as zinc sulfate, monohydrate 15 mg, Manganese as manganese II sulfate, monohydrate 3 mg, Iodine as Calciumjodat 0.75 mg, Selenium as sodium selenite 0.03 mg.

Technological additives per kg: Cassia Gum 1.000 mg.

I haven’t seen these product before. The recipe looks OK but I am not sure about cassia gum as I don’t know anything about it. The European Food Safety Authority article on this is here.