Puppy food for a Bichon Frise


Can anyone advise me of which is the best brand of dry food to feed my 10 wk old Bichon Frise pup. He is currently fed Royal Canin by the breeder and I want to change his food over to a high quality brand. I currently feed my 5yr old Bichon Frise Aatu which has a 5 star rating but unfortunately this food is for a adult dog. I’ve been looking at 80/20 foods for my pup but noticed an article on a website stating that a high protein diet for puppies can damage their kidney’s and yet I thought puppies require more protein.

I would be grateful if any one could give me some suggestions.


Hello and welcome to the forum. I have just looked at Aatu and am surprised that they don’t market the product for all ages. Puppy food has a higher protein/fat content and that is usually the only difference. This product already has that. Some companies who produce good quality, high protein products don’t have a separate puppy version. You already have Aatu for your other dog and are familiar with the product. I think it would be useful to give the company a call and see what they say about it. There may be a reason why they are not labelling the product all ages. If you do telephone them, please would you post back? I would be interested to know. The number is 01442 212392

If you prefer not to telephone Aatu, then it would be best to use the Filters section of the Dog Food Directory to narrow down the search. If you need any help with that please post back.


I have already emailed them and waiting for them to get back to me. I will update you when I get a reply as this could be useful information to others.

Many thanks

Thank you for your prompt reply. Looking forward to hearing their views on this.


I have had a reply from Auta and they have stated that they don’t do a puppy food however, the adult food is fine to feed a puppy and they recommend feeding the high activity level on the feeding guide as puppies need more as they are growing.

So this is great news for me, it’s 5 star food and my other dog loves it.

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That’s good news. I had a feeling that it would be perfectly suitable for your new pup. It will be cheaper and easier for you as well. Thank you so much for getting back to us on this - it is useful information. Hopefully, your new pup will thrive on the food. :slight_smile: