Dry dog food

Hi. Was wondering what people feed there Shih tzu dogs. I got a 3 yr old male and considering moving him to Aatu dry food chicken. At the minute he on Royal canin Shih tzu dry food. Thanks people for your help.

Is there any reason why you want to change your dog’s food? Is he not doing very well on his current food?

I am not familiar with Royal Canin Shih Tzu variety but most of their products are not of the quality of Aatu. The Aatu review is here and it scores 5 stars. It is high quality, dry weight protein 34.8/fat 17.4. Very different to Royal Canin.

If you do change food, make sure you transition very slowly so that your dog’s digestive system has time to adjust. These high quality foods can cause loose stools if the transition is hurried and/or the dog is overfed. You might find that you will need to give smaller amounts than the RC. It is best to weigh the food accurately. Small dogs, unless very active can easily put weight on so once your dog is settled on Aatu, keep an eye on his body condition and weight. The amount fed can then be reduced or increased by 10% and you will know exactly how much you are giving.

Thanks for your help Dottie

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