Shih-Tzu Puppy Food - Should I keep Royal Canin?

Hey everyone,

I’m excited to welcome a Shih-Tzu into my home next week. I’ve already picked up some Royal Canin, but after watching a few videos on AllAboutDogFood, I’m having second thoughts. Any suggestions on what might be a better fit for my new pup? Thanks for any advice you can offer!

I’m also trying to change my puppy’s food from Royal Canin to something else (dry kibbles) but unsure what? She’s a pure bred Chowchow.

Royal Canin is absolute rubbish - and expensive rubbish at that. Neil89 - if you are determined to feed kibble, I suggest you go for cold pressed, rather than extruded, all of which is ultra processed, even if it has good ingredients, but I’m not a fan of either and prefer fresh, tinned or raw, all of which are much healthier options.