Pure dog food (dehydrated)

Just to let anyone who is interested know about pure dog food.
It is a dehydrated dog food , and( they also do a freeze dried dog food) which is made up by re hydrating with warm water, and leaving for 10 minutes. It says to use tap water but I use boiled from the kettle that has been cooled down a little.
When my dog was a puppy he had a sensitive tummy and he also struggled to put on weight. the dried dog food seemed give him a loose tummy , so I did a lot of research searching for a suitable dog food. I came across pure dog food and thought I would give it ago. It seemed to take a lot more time to make up compared to just weighing out and putting in a bowl, but he loved it.
I also tried raw , and the 2 can be used together, so when you forget to take the frozen dog food out of the freezer it is a win win situation.
It is not cheap, :o but when you look at the good ingredients in it , it is worth it. :slight_smile:
The company are very good with advice, and the food if ordered by early morning then it comes the next day.
I use raw for one meal and pure for the other, but as I am a bit fed up with my freezer being full of dog food, and not much room for human food I am going to put him on pure for 2 meals when I have finished the raw.
The website is very good to look at and the reviews are very positive , lots of dogs who have had problems have been free of their problems .
Worth trying if you need to change your dog food. :slight_smile:


Thank you Rebecca. I am quite impressed with the convenience of these products and the simple recipes. Also like the packaging because it looks like there is very little of it. Is it recyclable? The two varieties that would be suitable for my dogs are turkey and chicken dinner because they are lower in fat. The problem is that both contain potato and one of mine is not so good with this, although she is not frankly intolerant of it. I can see your point in going for two meals per day instead of the raw. I found the same freezer issue as you - full of dog food and very little space left for us!

The box is recyclable, and the plastic bag that holds the dog food can be used as a very large poo bag. You also get a clip to close the bag so they are useful in the kitchen too.
Watch this space , when I first used this company they did not do the freeze dried dog food, so they may expand in the future, Copper does do better with out potato too that is why I use the freeze dried food as they do not contain potato.


As a user of Pure’s Vegi Plus mixer, I usually have a box available as it’s easy to prepare and can be added to raw meat or cooked meat. It’s an extra addition of vegetables, fruit (and egg) to add to a dog’s meal.

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