Pure Pet Food - amount to feed


I’m just trying a trial pack of the Pure Chicken Dinner from this company but I’m a bit confused as to how much to feed my border collie x Golden Retriever. Pure’s website feeding calculator (using her age 2 yrs 7mths and weight 24kg) says I need to feed her 9 x 30g scoops of dry food a day which is 270g/day (over £3/day) but this site AND Pets at Home says only 174g/day (£2.17/day).
Am I working this out wrong?

not sure how much your dog needs, but they are very good when you ring them up on the phone. I have used this food for my dog it is a very good food but can work out expensive. :slight_smile:


Feeding guidelines are just that…guidelines.

Use them as a startpoint.

Agree it is worth a call.

i wouldn’t want to feed the lower amount to a 24kg active dog.

I would start at the higher amount and ease back if stools loose after a few days…then adjust based on energy levels, appetite, stool output & condition.


Thanks guys, I messaged them online and they just directed me to there feeding calculator :-\

You’re right Rebecca, Mia loves it but I reckon it could get expensive so only one meal of that a day for her, with something else for her other meal!

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And just to highlight how confusing the amount to feed our dogs can be…. there is another feeding guide accompanying each of the dehydrated recipes which takes into account the activity level; and/or whether a puppy or adult. This is a positive step, as surely weight alone could not precisely determine the amount of food necessary to keep a dog satiated and healthy.

However, a definition of ‘activity’ relies on consumers making the choice for their dog, be that varying from the extremes of canine sport through to the park plodder, all are active to differing degrees. Likewise, the age a dog is no longer considered a puppy as this too varies considerably between individual dogs and eventual sizes.

In addition there are other considerations when feeding dehydrated food and one is the texture of the finished product - some dogs do seem to prefer their food ‘sloppier’ than others – and when I’ve fed a dehydrated food I will add more water (never less water!) than recommended if a dog prefers to eat it like that, ie slightly wetter :).

I’ve also been known to add (a little more) warm water (after a dehydrated food has been rehydrated & left for 15+ minutes), to the meal on a colder day, for an older dog simply to ensure the food is still warm when it is eaten by him.

174g per day works out at almost 6 scoops of dry food a day and then that is rehydrated with water. You are quite right the feeding calculator (on the Pure website) suggests 9 scoops yet the feeding guide specifically for feeding dehydrated chicken (here is the link: https://purepetfood.co.uk/chicken-dinner) suggests feeding 7 to 10 scoops per day for a dog weighing 21-30kg with average activity level.

Whatever amount you start with, you’ll tell within a few weeks (possibly days!) if it is too much, or too little and whether your dog prefers a warmer meal, a slightly wetter meal, or is simply happy with her meal. :wink: