raw diet - vitamins

I am sure that there is probably a thread on this topic somewhere. My dog has been on the prey model raw diet for about 2 months now. Most hardcore prey model raw feeders do not believe in adding vitamins or supplements. Do you add any vitamins? Which ones and why so? I usually add more to the meal such as ginger, peanut butter, coconut oil, olive oil, carrot, etc…I just want the best for him but also I am on a budget here.

Hello Paul. I am not a raw feeder but my personal opinion is that dogs gain nutritional benefit from the addition of lightly cooked green leafy vegetables and a little fruit to an 80/10/10 raw diet. Good for fibre and antioxidants too. However, as you say, hardened raw feeders would absolutely disagree.

Shouldn’t be any need to give vitamin supplements if you enhance the diet with veg and fruit. I recommend that you read the blogs of My Pet Nutritionist as she has quite a few on the value of these ingredients. Also check Planet Paws (Facebook and YouTube videos).

You can also repost in the AADF Facebook group but as you have already found, people tend to be quite polarised on this subject.