Raw fed dog Vomiting blood

Hi my boy is 18 months old and odd the odd occasion vomited clear fluid with blood in it. The vet has suggested food intolerance. I have raw fed him since he was 5months. Has anyone had this issue ?

Hello and welcome to the forum, That sounds like quite a worry. Does he have a raw complete or do you give him bones? Also how often does this occur? I am thinking that it may indicate damage from something he has swallowed or some internal inflammation from infection or food intolerance. If it persists I would be asking for further investigation by your vet.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. I agree with Tinyplanets - it sounds as if he may have a foreign body . These are not always detected on x-ray so further investigations may be needed. If it is bright red i.e. fresh blood then the problem could be in the oesophagus or stomach. I have never heard of food intolerance causing haemorrhage - the usual symptoms are vomitting/diarrhoea/itchiness.