rehomed lurcher

I’ve a 5 year old lurcher which sadly the people couldn’t afford to keep.

Allegedly he was fed the last few months asda webbox food- when I had him he wouldn’t eat it and I managed to get him on mole valley working and sporting dog food 1mug and half a can of butchers meat in jelly twice a day.

I’ve had him in vets for health check and inoculation.
He is 28kg and 5 years old.

My friend has two house dogs and they eat Burns original lamb and rice, my dog seems interested in sample of food I have for him- is this better quality food and suitable for active 40mph couch potato?

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Hello Darccy - nice to see you here. It was so nice of you to rescue your Lurcher. I’ve never kept a big dog but I can imagine they might be a bit expensive to feed. With regards to Burns food I used it myself many years ago but the poor dogs started to scratch. Since then, I have heard of others with the same problem although there must be loads of dogs out there who do quite well on it. Personally I don’t like all the cereal in it but why not have a look at the review on the AADF website? This should help you decide.

Hi Darccy and thanks for signing up. I’m not familiar with Mole Valley food but you can find a full review of Burns Original here:

As you can see, it’s a good, natural food but with over two thirds grain, it isn’t every owner’s cup of tea. As with all foods, the proof is in the eating so if you like the look of Burns (or any other food for that matter), change over gradually, give it a try for a couple of months and see how he gets on. Oh, and do keep us posted!