Rules for pet food manufacturers and other vested interests

The AllAboutDogFood forum is a place for honest, friendly discussion of pet related issues amongst pet owners. Nevertheless, we have always found that manufacturers and other vested interests (distributors, wholesalers, retailers etc) have a lot to bring to the discussion and are often the best sources of information and guidance on their own particular brand. We do however have to protect our members from unsolicited advertising and other forms of salesmanship and for that reason we ask all vested interests to strictly adhere to the following rules:

  1. Any vested interest must be clearly declared and visible to other forum members. For manufacturers, the best way would be to use your company name as your user name and your company logo as your profile picture.

  2. Outside of the ‘Classifieds’ section, vested interests are only permitted to comment in relation to their own products and then only after they have first been explicitly raised by a non-vested interest member. No other posts are permitted from vested interests.

  3. Unsolicited personal messages from vested interests to other forum members are not permitted.

  4. The ‘Classifieds’ section is provided to allow vested interests to notify members of pet product releases, special offers, pet related events and so on. Elsewhere in the forum, direct or indirect advertising is not permitted.

  5. Repeated violations of these terms may result in the revocation of the member’s account.