smallest kibble available for tiny tiny Chihuahua with a few teeth

Hi all any suggestions for the tiniest kibble. medium to high quality … this is for an adult Chihuahua UK

I know Royal Canin do a Chihuaha food.

If you are happy to go along with the marketing, allegedly it is shaped for your dogs mouth.

Personally speaking ,based on composition, I would much prefer to feed something else.

Akela do smaller bite kibbles. Might be worth considering Eden, Fish for dogs Orijen or Akela small bite depending on budget, composition & protein source need.

You might wish to consider breaking up kibble or maybe wet complete

I wonder if it might be helpful to narrow down the choices of available dog foods by using the allaboutdogfood Dog Food Directory to obtain a list of possible foods. There will be foods mentioned which are described as “small breed” which may be appropriate. The link is here :

The Dog Food Directory - now listing 2769 dog foods!

If you wish to specifically feed a kibble diet then the filter for “Type of food” needs to be set to the type of kibble of your choice.

To achieve results of dog foods which are of a required quality - in terms of the scoring system used on the site - the slider in the rating filter needs moving to the appropriate setting.

To obtain results which are further personalised to a breed and age, then those filters of “Dog breed” and “Dog age” are used.

There are other optional filters available which can be used to further narrow the results. These remaining filters are “Food properties”, “Daily cost”, “Country of origin”, “Avoid ingredients”, an “Nutrient levels*”.

David has written another of his excellent articles about dry dog foods, explaining, in detail, about the different types of dry food available, which hopefully may also be of help to you.

The article is here:

I don’t know if any of these would be too large. Best to ask for samples:
James Wellbeloved Small Breed - two versions, with rice and grain free.
Fish4Dogs Small Bite - several varieties available.
Markus Muhle NaturNah Mini

Perhaps consider a good quality wet food instead?

Thinking out of the box, have you considered raw? There are raw complete meals sold as mince and they have organs and bones ground in them.

Not the most conventional choice but if the little one struggles with hard food, it may be worth considering.

hi thanks for all your reply so. .I Should have worded it better my dog needs to loose wieght. …


Have you cut back on daily feed amounts ?

What are you feeding your dog now & how much ?

What does it weigh ?

What is target weight ?

Any other health issues ?

Did you try any of the recommendations ?

Did you use the directory ?

Ìf issue is pressing then hopefully it won’t be another 11 months before next reply :slight_smile:

Houndmad5, I have removed your other post as it was asking the same question as this one. It will be useful if you can give us the information Coaster has requested in order to advise you better.

Hi I think Gentle Cold Pressed do a small kibble might be worth a look

Houndmad5 - you need to be looking for a low fat, small kibble food. We have quite a few threads on weight control - if you use the search box you will be able to find them. The aforementioned Gentle small bite could be a good choice because the fat is only about 10%. The RDA is 1% of the dog’s ideal body weight.