Hello everyone> Looking for a decent food to feed my small breed dog!!!

Hi I have a 18mth old spayed pug/miniature poodle she looks like a Brussels griffin.
She is currently on Royal Canin neutered small dog dry food, after checking on here the score has given me concern’s about the food. Can anyone recommend a decently priced dry dog food that would be better for her, she currently has really smelly breath.
Thank you in advance xx

Hello and welcome to the forum Pryias Mum, Can you give us a little more information?
Does your dog have any health problems, allergies or digestive issues? How old is she? Is she at an ideal weight? Bad breath may be a sign of digestive problems but equally it could be a dental problem.

Royal Canin is relatively expensive. Are you looking for something in the same price range or cheaper?

Greetings - welcome to the forum. As Tinyplanets has said, you need to give us a bit more information. In addition, we try to remain independent and do not usually recommend specific food products. You have a young dog and if you learn something of the principles of choosing a good dog food it will be far more useful than anyone telling you what to feed.

Regarding the smelly breath, I would advise that you see your vet as your dog could have dental problems. In addition, consider purchasing a canine toothbrush and toothpaste - Virbac and Logic are two but there are more. Read up about getting your dog used to having it’s teeth cleaned and by brushing at least three times per week you will see the benefits in a short space of time. In my experience, small dogs tend to need more regular dental attention than big dogs.