Soft toys

Hi guys

Does anybody have any experience with these soft toys?

I have a destructive chewer of a sprollie, but she loves soft toys. Unfortunately they rarely last more than a few days.

Just wondering if these live up to the hype of being ‘tough’.

Thanks in advance


EDIT: It seems I can’t post a link. But if you search for 'goDog Hear Doggy Plush Whale Ultrasonic Dog Toy, Large, Blue
’ on Amazon, it should come up.

They are cute little toys but with two hardened chewers in the house I know they wouldn’t last two minutes. The Range have cheap unstuffed plush toys and I have occasionally bought those. Might as well give them an old slipper or sock. The only thing that lasts here are Nylabones and raggies (those twisted rope type things).

Thanks, Dottie.

Yes, we have Nylabones and antlers. But Mili loves soft toys so so much, I feel like I’m short changing her by not allowing her to have any.

They’re not badly priced, so may give one a try, and see how they get on.


My sprocker also loves soft toys but all the dog toys I have ever bought last no more than a few days - she likes to pull the stuffing out and spread it all over the living room :o

A solution I have found is to spend more money but on a toy made for kids - you have to be careful not to get one without a hard plastic nose or eyes but I have found they last soooooo much longer. In fact she’s got a bagpuss toy and a Marie (from Aristocats) that she’s had since she was a puppy. They are a bit worn out but in one piece which is a bit of a miracle!

I think they have much stricter quality controls on kids toys…

Thanks, Kez.

I guess that makes a lot of sense!!! I have ordered 2 of the ones that I have mentioned above. I’ll see how they go, and let you know.

But what you say makes sense. The dog that I was brought up with (rescued dogs separated from her mother too young) used to love sucking on the heads of soft toys - my mother used to buy her teddies from charity shops - because ‘they don’t make them like the old ones’.

I like your logic and will give kids toys a try if these don’t work



Here’s an idea which I keep meaning to try out myself. Go round the charity shops and you may be able to find cheap soft toys. As long as risky parts are removed they should be OK for dogs to have fun with.

Yes I tend to pick up cheap soft toys from car boot sales or fates. I will remove hard bits. I check for beans inside and avoid if there are any. I will generally let my dog de stuff them as she doesn’t eat the stuffing and I supervise her at all times. I still have to supervise when they are destuffed as she will take limbs off. They can last minutes but it doesn’t matter if you pay pennies for them.

You could make your own soft type toys. Use an old fleece jumper or blanket and cut it into strips what thickness depends on what size you want. Get 3 strips and tie in a tight knot at one end and plait, tie off at the other end. If you want to make weird shapes you can thread a strips through an existing plait and make arms off. Fleece is strong stuff and if the strips don’t get ripped you can re-plait. No stuffing to clear up either ;D

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I have made some of those at work to give to animal shelters Schauday. My dog works as a quality control tester. She loves playing with these fleecy braids and they do last longer than the average soft toy. They are also really easy to make.

;D I bet she loves her job :wink:

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As anticipated - the original tough soft toys were disemboweled within seconds.

I like the idea of the fleece plaits - I don’t own any fleeces, so will scour the charity shops for some!!

Thanks guys.

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I give my dog a soft rubber ball. He chews it most of the times. However, the ball doesn’t last long. I was looking forward to some toy which my dog will love and it stays durable for at least couple of months.

Classic Kong - No contest.

If you want a decent ball that won’t bounces and won’t fall to bits… Chuckit ultra ball. It is not a chew toy though.

Treating on ball retrieves and presentation may train out destruction &/or retention.

I have given up buying soft toys :frowning: got a power chewer in the form of a staffy,the only things that last are nylabones or kong extremes