Travelling with my dog

Hi does anyone have any advice on dog food brands whilst travelling abroad. My dogs eat Butternut usually but can’t take this as won’t have cooling facilities to keep it in

Hello and welcome to the forum. Wet food would probably be preferable as that is what your dog is used to. For lightness, sachets could be a better option. If you look on the Dog Food Directory you should be able to find foods with this criteria by using the filters on the left hand side. Natures Menu has a selection of wet food in sachets. Also Burns Penlan Farm.

Traveling with dog was always fun to me.

And I like to take some pics during traveling together

Have you looked at The food looks similar to Butternut - it’s fresh, cooked in the tray, but can be kept at an ambient temperature. It’s a subscription service, but maybe you could arrange an order to cover the duration of your journey.

Absolutely, I’ve heard about! The concept of fresh and convenient food that’s similar to Butternut sounds really appealing, especially for travelers. Being able to keep it at ambient temperature is a great feature, and a subscription service could be super convenient for those on the go.

If you’re considering trying it out for your journey, you might want to explore if they offer any special deals or discounts. You could potentially find a to make your subscription even more cost-effective. Safe travels and enjoy your delicious meals on the road! :fork_and_knife::airplane: