Warning about corn on the cob

I came across an unusual warning yesterday; it was about dogs eating corn on the cob and was reported on the Many tears (Awareness) Facebook page. For anyone who is not a member of Facebook, here is a copy of part of the post:

“Copied from another page… Just for people to be aware… So got the phone call today from the doggy hospital who confirmed that Saffy’s death was a result of eating the corn on the cob, the core of which is very abrasive if swallowed . It managed to travel through to her large intestine and basically cut her inside leading to severe septicaemia!! I am posting this to make all my friends with dogs aware how dangerous corn can be to dogs! There are fields locally that a lot of dog walkers go as they are public which have or have had in them which is where she probably picked it up! Had We only known! please feel free to share this with any friends that have dogs!”
Another person responded to the thread and her dog had died of the same thing.

I thought it would be a timely reminder as people will be planting their vegetables at this time of year. If you are growing corn on the cob in your garden, remember to fence it off securely if you suspect that your dog might be interested in it.


Thanks Dottie,
Here’s a link to a pdf with many plants (and other things) that are hazardous for dogs.


Hope this helps!

Thank you for posting the PDF Red Akita, very informative and good to keep on hand