The 34 garden plants that can kill your dog or cat

The Daily Mail is running this article today. It is a timely reminder from Charlie Dimmock of the risk that plants can pose to our pets. Well worth a read.


Thanks for posting Dottie. I’ll share it on the Facebook page too.

Indoor plants - dieffenbachia (Dumb cane) so called because it can make human children and pets mouth/tongue swell if chewed.

Cut flowers- the pollen of the big showy type lilies is especially toxic to cats, not sure about dogs.
Peach and nectarine stones also toxic containing cyanide

I think the marigold on the list refers to African and French marigolds. Calendula is often called marigold the petals are often added to dog foods such as lilys kitchen.

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Thank you very much for this information Meg. I have Cyclamen Hederifolium in my garden and it has clumped up - it spreads very easily. It has been there for some years and the dogs have not touched it but I will ask the gardener to remove it now that I know about the risks.

Last year one of them suddenly started to munch on my Fargesia ‘Simba’ (a bamboo). It is a lovely, non invasive plant that I had had for some years but the gardener at the time gave it a very hard hair cut which resulted in new growth and it was this that the dog found attractive. Unfortunately it made her sick, although I was told it is not toxic. I decided to have it dug up but was sad to see it go.