199 Poisonous plants to look out for

" 199 Poisonous plants to Look Out For "

Erica Daniels has some great graphics throughout the tables in her article, mentioning almost 200 plants to be aware of - those plants that could harm us, our dogs or our cats.

Plus a cleverly constructed toxicity level for each plant ranging between 1 and 4; with 1 classed as “Major toxicity” thru 4 described as “Dermatitis, rash or irritation”.

There are 2 tables, the first consists of plants which are poisonous to eat, whilst the other has plants poisonous to touch.

And here is the link:



Thank you for this helpful information. I have lost count of the number of plants that I have removed from my garden when I found out that they had some degree of toxicity. I wish that the plant labels would give an indication of this.

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Absolutely Dottie. There are warnings on certain plants like Lilies and laburnum for example, and it would be really helpful if there were guidelines on toxic plants that are available for us to buy.

I remember with each pup the dread of planting bulbs, moreso when a pup likes to ‘help’ !! as so often happens. I wonder if one day plants may carry a symbol, a warning to owners of potential risks to pets.

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Ohh my. I was surfing this forum and found this post. I’d like to say it’s one on the most helpful posts here. I’s never thought about that, but I will be more careful with some plants from this moment.