What can I do if my dog has been exposed to something harmful or poisonous?

Thankfully not commonly a question to ask oneself on a daily basis!!! 8)

…However, that said, there are the unfortunate moments when we may suspect, or even witness, our dogs eating something that may cause us to wonder whether they’ve eaten something harmful, or which may even be poisonous to them. And on occasions if our dogs are stung, or they go sniffing around in somewhat questionable substances… :o …we may wonder can we do?

Rightly if we are unsure or naturally concerned, we contact our vets for further advice.

Vets and pet owners (who are worried their pet may have been exposed to something harmful or poisonous), may also contact the “Animal PoisonLine” which is available 24 hours a day, and run by the Veterinary Poisons Information Service (VPIS).

The following are quotes from the Animal PoisonLine faqs: “Approximately 80% vets are members of the VPIS and use it regularly for specialist advice on the management of poisoning in animals.”
“Whenever your pet has had access to anything you are concerned about and you would like advice what to do next. It could be something they have eaten, inhaled, is on their skin or splashed in the eye. This includes human medicines, overdose or incorrect administration of veterinary medicines, household or DIY products, fuels, garden products, plants and venomous bites.”

There is more information here: Animal PoisonLine