What's In Your Doggy First Aid Kit?

Here is a few idea’s…

Rectal thermometer


gauze patches

cotton balls


Styptic pencil (cauterizes small wounds) or stop bleed powder

butterfly bandages

small electric trimmer with spare battery (to shave an area if you need to butterfly bandage it before going to the vet)

Small syringe (to measure and give oral medication)

kaopectate (diarrhea)

benadryl (allergic reaction and topical dermatitis)

hydrogen peroxide (to induce vomiting)

the phone number and address of the nearest emergency clinic


Antibiotic cream

Small Magnifying glass ( for thorns)

Some good ideas. I have a tick removers also as I think I could be a bit heavy handed with tweezers. I may get some hydrogen peroxide in as we have had a spate of poisonings around here. I was thinking about inducing vomiting last week as a small sock had suspiciously vanished. Thankfully it came back on its own!

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Some good suggestions there - thank you for sharing this.


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Agree Tom o tick an absolute essential.

Hibiscrub for washing cuts, and I wash area after tick removal

Tin of unsweetened pumpkin or some cooked in freezer for runny tum and constipation.

Individual antiseptic wipes and non alcohol wet wipes for in the car for us and dogs

Saline eyewash solution.

Also useful if you have smallish dog to have a babygro that will fit. Came in very handy when my boy got bee sting on his testicle to stop him licking, and when he had a small lump removed from his elbow. Although we could plan for that, much better than the cone of shame ;D

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Really Great idea’s ladies…Keep them coming ;D
I’m taking notes…this is getting good

Should have added what to put on wasp and bee stings as one is acid and one alkali. Its better to do nothing if you don’t know what they were stung by as the wrong treatment can make it worse

Wasp sting bathe area with vinegar
Bee sting make a paste of baking soda or bicarb

I always remember which is which by having false german accent Vinegar for Vasps. Also important if its the first time they’ve been stung to see your vet asap as they can go into anaphylactic shock since the dose of poison on a small dog is far greater than the effect on a human.


Copy and pasted that tip for right Now. We always have lots of bee’s and wasp in our garden when the fuchsia blooms.
Big Thank You for remembering to add that

I love puppies very much but still I don’t have any dogs with me. I have an idea to buy on dog before that tell me what are the things needed for dog?

You need to do lots of research before buying a puppy or adult dog. This really is not the right forum for a subject that is quite broad and complex. I would suggest that you look carefully at as many websites about dogs as possible; the Kennel Club and Dogs Trust websites would be good places to start. If you know nothing at all about dogs and their care needs then go along to your local dog rescue organisation and spend a bit of time volunteering for them. That way you will know if having a dog of your own is for you.

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If you have already decided on a breed I would find a breed specific forum. They’re a great source of hands on information about specific traits of breeds they vary in soooo many ways

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Leucillin, a non toxic antiseptic spray that kills 99.99999% of germs and has a shelf life of 2 years, for maximum benefit use within 6 months of opening. It’s always best to check the current shelf life of stock carried by stockists before buying so you can get the longest shelf life. www.leucillin.co.uk
Hypocare is a similar product. www.horseware.com/hypocare/pet-therapy.php. There are plenty of reviews and Q&A on Amazon.
Rehydration, electrolyte powder is always useful particularly in warm weather. We found a cooling coat to be a great purchase and brilliant for long car journeys. Cooling coats and cooling mats are effective at helping a dog from overheating. There is a demo from a leading UK brand at Crufts on YouTube.

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I have only joined this forum this evening.
This post have made me realise how loved our furry friends are so thank you for this incredible list!!
I will be shopping this weekend


Like listed above we just added peroxide and an eyedropper to ours. Our bull terrier ate the 8" handle of his tug toy 3 days ago and we had to run out and buy peroxide to make him throw it up. Which he did. Defintely a must, in case your dog eats something dangerous.

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Polite words of caution…

I noticed the reference to peroxide to induce vomiting but also noticed the absence of info re what type, what dose, when to & when NOT to use it.

Hair dye use peroxide should NOT be used. I have read that only 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide should be used.

There isn’t a lot of credible uk based info re this online…however there is a link below,


For small cuts and grazes…Luecillin as mentioned by seaweed has been recommended to me before.

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Thanks for the link Coaster, alongside Leucillin, amonst others there’s also Renasan https://www.renasan.co.uk/
available on Amazon UK

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Thand will take a look