First Aid and Emergency care

Having received information recently about the “Emma Zen Foundation” (which raises funds for pet oxygen masks donated to help pets in emergency situations) has heightened a necessity to mention the importance of having First Aid Kits for our pets.

Here is a link with further helpful information:

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Very useful information. I think I have most of those either in the dog medical supplies or the human one.

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I was thinking is there anything else that anyone has found to be useful in their medical kit for dogs?

For example, I’ve found Hibiscrub is a really competent antiseptic cleanser. It lasts for ages too as (for use on dogs) it is diluted with 1 part Hibiscrub to 10 parts water!

Yes I keep hibiscrub too. I mostly wash my dogs paws in plain water after every walk. If she shows signs of irritation I use the same concentration of hibiscrub as you and it seems to calm things down nicely. I also have lorotadine for stings or worse paw flare ups. That is only about 80p you can ask the vet for dosage recommendation depending on your dogs weight.

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In the medical kit I also have inflatable collars. I’ve found these types of collars are useful to help prevent a dog from further ‘nagging’ at an already inflamed and sore area of skin caused by previous overly zealous mithering…!

These collars, once inflated, are reasonably comfortable, and dogs can ‘wear’ them without needing to be constantly spatially aware - so as to avoid hitting door frames for example - as they do when wearing Elizabethan collars. For these reasons I’ve found inflatable collars a better option during recovery after operations too.

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…now I try to be prepared; that said, did I get caught out today!! Yes :-[
Just where were those tweezers when I needed them…
Note to self:

Remember to RETURN item to dogs medical kit !!

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