We Cook for Dogs

We Cook for Dogs, are one of the few companies offering cooked complete meals and other recipes.


Seaweed - the website just says ‘Coming Soon’. Do you have any information about the company please?

Dottie, I have emailed them for further information.

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Thank you. Couldn’t find anything relevant on their Facebook page. Was looking forward to seeing their products.

We Cook for Dogs is now back online. https://www.wecookfordogs.co.uk/

Thank you. It is online but still displaying ‘Coming soon’.

How strange, the full website was up when I posted.

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We Cook for Dogs will be relaunching in the spring with a new business model so not much longer to wait. Hopefully it will be a good addition to the very small number of companies who are providing freshly cooked dog food.
The website is accessible today - link.

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Thank you for the information Dottie, I look forward to the relaunch. The website link has reverted back to coming soon which is the same problem I had.

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The We Cook for Dogs website is now online. The company has been developing a new business model and although the website seems incomplete at the moment I think I might have the gist of it. However, I have emailed/messaged the company for more information.

According to this page it would appear that they provide recipes. They sell the herb supplements (including calcium) which makes the food complete nutritionally. They suggest a ratio of 60% protein, 30% fats and 10% carbohydrates. There is a turkey recipe here.

This seems to be an exciting and innovative development which may be very useful for dogs with food intolerance. Some people would like to cook for their dog but are put off by the concern about including the right nutrients. This might help to alleviate that concern and give pet owners the confidence to try home cooking.

The sale of fresh cooked food for dogs is gradually growing and I watch this development with interest.

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Very interesting Dottie, it may also be worth following their Facebook Page over the coming months. www.facebook.com/pg/wecookfordogs/posts/?ref=page_internal

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Thank you for the Facebook link. It occurred to me that there are also environmental advantages as there is less packaging and transport needed. For people who grow their own fruit and vegetables it would make cost savings. Practically speaking, it would save time to cook in batches and freeze the meals.

The company owner recommends feeding carrots, sweet potatoes etc, complete with their skins. Broccoli and cauliflower, stems, any peelings, outer leaves of cabbage and kale, turnip greens, dandelions and dandelion leaves are all said to be beneficial.

David might need to add the product to the Dog Food Directory under complementary products.

We Cook for Dogs now has a Facebook group - I Cook for My Dog.

Their website has a number of helpful blogs including:
Transform the Health of Your Dog
Glucosamine for Dogs
Change Your Dog’s Diet One Ingredient at a Time
Leafy Greens


I’d be happy to try their products. As sometimes I don’t have enough time to cook by myself, but I don’t want feed him with ordinary dog food.

The owner of We Cook for Dogs has launched a new website The Canine Nutritionist. This provides recipes, advice and the necessary supplements. I feel that the diet plans for specific diseases such as pancreatitis, allergy amongst others have the potential for being very useful. This is an exciting innovation and I hope that it will encourage people to safely home cook for their dogs, particularly if they have difficult to manage illnesses.

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The Canine Nutritionist has produced a book about home cooking for dog:
Homemade Dog Food Made Easy.

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