Hi All,

New here and have just taken a 2 year old GSD rescue, he hasnt had the best start to life but i am hoping to change this and give him a great life. i have had dogs most of my life and never realised until very recently the mine field regarding dog food. I have looked at various kibble, wet food etc. im now thinking about making my own food for him, any suggestions of good recipie books i could use. TIA


Hello and welcome to the forum. Well done for giving your dog a new start in life. Home cooking is a great way of meeting a dog’s nutritional requirements if done well so it’s good that you are researching the subject. To begin with, all home cooked food needs supplementation in the correct ratio, chiefly calcium and omega 3:6 oils.

There are various books and recipes that can be found on the Internet but some of them are dubious so IMO it is better to obtain a few balanced recipes from a certified pet nutritionist. Some are mentioned in the home cooking section of the forum.

The ones that spring to mind are:
We Cook for Dogs. Gerald also has the Facebook Group Baking and Cooking for Dogs which you might find useful.
My Pet Nutritionist (also has a Facebook page)

There will be a charge for the recipes and for the supplements that they recommend and sell but once you have these you are set up and probably won’t need to purchase more so they will be good value for money and you will know that your dog is having his nutritional needs correctly met.