Hello i have a GSD and I am looking to start making his own food. he has allergies and i cant seem to find a food that doesnt make him itch. I was looking to use ground beef white rice green beans and carrots. but im not sure if i need anything else and also how much to feed him. any insight would be greatly appreciated

Hello Mariori. Home cooked food is a good way to feed a dog. However, it does require supplementation in the correct amounts, notably calcium and omega 3 oils. Your dog could become unwell if you don’t get this right. It is therefore important that you do some research before you begin to home feed. If possible, consult a qualified canine nutritionist who will be able to supply you with suitable recipes. For most dogs, 60% protein (meat/poultry/fish) is a suitable ratio. More information about home cooking for dogs in this section of the forum.

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