My vet's telling me I shouldn't be doing this

I was feeling like I was being scolded the other day by the vet because I’ve switched my dog to home cooking in the past few months. I’ve been more or less told that I need to switch him back to dog food because he may not be getting all the nutrients that he needs. He’s a 9 year old shih tzu. No health issues and no weight problems.

I’ve been feeding him boiled chicken, boiled rice or potatoes, and some boiled veg (varied). Once a week I’ll give him oily fish wish some rice or potatoes and veg. He’s getting 50%+ meat/fish in each dish. He also loves porridge. I give him that in the morning sometimes with boiled egg mixed in. Sometimes he also gets fruit snacks… apple, pear or pineapple.

He’s never liked beef or lamb at all. Anything that says ‘animal derivatives’ he starts bleeding. He also doesn’t like tap water (he’d rather drink from a puddle), so I have a water filter.

I made an educated decision to do this after examining all of the dog food ingredients. Some of the ones she was recommending (well known brands) that I use for a small, adult shih tzu are the ones that I would choose to avoid … over-priced and the ingredients a bit suspect. They aren’t providing the same amount of meat protein either.

I chose to switch him because then I would know exactly what he was being fed, and was hoping that it would keep him healthier for longer. Does anyone see any problem with what I’m doing? I wouldn’t like to do him any harm him in any way. The idea was to get him to eat healthier in his senior years.

Fresh cooked commercial dog foods are now on the market eg Butternut Box, Different Dog. There are books about home cooking for dogs which you might find helpful. Also, if you are a member of Facebook, check out the home cooking for dogs groups because they have lots of useful information, including how much calcium supplement needs to be given.

Pure Pet Foods sell a Veggie Plus Mixer which has the required supplements. It just requires the addition of protein. If you are interested, contact the company for advice.


Thank you for that. I’ve been checking them out and I think the Vegi Plus Mix is probably the best option. That way I can just vary his diet with added chicken or fish, and there shouldn’t be any complaints about him not getting enough nutrients :wink:

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That sounds like a good idea. 60% meat/fish/poultry seems like a good option. Don’t forget that you can add egg to the protein list. Also a small amount of suitable fruit can be given.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that they already have egg in the ingredients, but it’s probably just a minimal amount, so might be good to add.

I’ve ordered in a bag of the Vegi Plus, so hoping it all works out well and keeps the vet happy!