Yeast infection in mouth and feeding guide

Hi all,

We have a 7 year old male Shih-tzu, who has developed a yeast infection.

We have tried various shampoo’s including vet prescribed one’s and bath him twice weekly.

Unfortunately the infection now appears to have developed in his mouth and his usual diet of raw food is proving very difficult to eat. We have tried incorporating chopped courgette with the raw food to aid the bite, but without much success.

Appreciate dried food is usually unsuitable for a yeast infection but would anyone be able to recommend one for him to try, as he’s current losing weight due to his inability to eat normally.

Hello and welcome to the forum,
If your dog is struggling to eat properly, I would be seeking the advice of a vet again at this stage. I would imagine that raw would be good for prevention of yeast infections, as carbohydrates, especially those from over processed foods, have been linked to such infections.
If I was going to use a dry food, I would perhaps look at one with a healthier source of carbs like wholemeal grains or grain free. However raw is very low in carbs which suggests they may not be the trigger in your dogs case.

What types of treats does he have? Some of the popular ones can be quite high in ingredients which may be more likely to trigger yeast infections.

Hello and welcome to the forum. If your dog has yeast in his mouth it could be that he also has it in his digestive system. I haven’t come across this before but it sounds as if you should see a vet. Your dog might need a course of oral treatment. Also, check his teeth and gums as he might have a sore mouth. Yeast (malassezia) can problematic. It sometimes needs prolonged and thorough treatment. As has been said, a low carb diet may be helpful. There are very few dry foods that meet this criteria. It might also be useful to try a canine specific probiotic eg YuDigest.

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