7 year old Boxer consistent digestive issues

Hi everybody looking for some assistance on finding the right dog food for my 7 year old female Boxer please.
Just lately we have noticed she is becoming inconsistent with eating and seems to be defecating more, even getting us up in the middle of the night.
Currently she is on Tails food but I am wondering whether I should look at changing her food to ‘lessen the load’.
Any advice please, especially from any boxer owners would be much appreciated.
Thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. I have never used Tails food but from what I have discerned it is not possible to say what might be the problem here because they use different products. You can obtain an idea of the quality of your food by entering the ingredient list into the Instant Review Generator.

Sounds like the food is not suiting your dog. We have this thread which gives general advice on how to select a decent dog food. This thread is about dogs with a sensitive digestion and might be helpful.

I can’t advise you specifically about food for Boxers but can help you search for something different by using the Dog Food Directory. Please ask if you need help. I seem to remember that the owners of Guru cold pressed food have Boxers - might be worth talking to their staff. Many cold pressed foods have good scores on the Directory. They are sometimes useful for dogs with digestive issues.

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One possible reason for frequent bowel movements is overfeeding. Sometimes the portion sizes are a bit too generous. If it is a recent thing and you haven’t made any changes it could be just that the food has stopped agreeing with her. When I looked at tails.com and the ingredients that they came up with based on the information I gave them for my dog, they didn’t score very highly in the review generator.

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