A load of tripe?

Fresh green tripe is high in enzymes etc and a good feed if you can get it. My feeling is that when cooked or indeed frozen then much of the nutritional value is lost. I am trying Ancestral Carnivore cheap tripe version but not sure of the protein value after high heat cooking.Fresh green tripe is only meat l can’t source locally other than going to the abbatoir. I can get frozen but as I said not sure.

Nutriment supply just tripe on its own. It is raw frozen. They do put it into their formula raw frozen food too. My dog loves the beef. You really can smell the tripe in it too!

Just a thought. Nutriment might be happy to supply you with fresh. They are very helpful. It might be worth getting in touch with them. They are based in Camberley, Surrey.

I did an amount of searching on internet and there seems a view that while fresh Is best frozen is good.

At least you know by your research, which is good.
Your local butcher may be happy to supply. Another company who may help you out is Natural Instinct.
. I hope you source some fresh. I will be interested to see how you get on. Good luck :slight_smile: