A study on the adaptation of dogs to a starch rich diet

An interesting study of the adaptation of dogs to a starch rich diet.
The actual study can be found at


The first link is easier to read and understand. It makes total sense - dogs would not have been so successful at increasing their numbers had they not been able adapt. It reminds me of the Ronaldsay sheep that have survived by adapting to eating seaweed in order to conserve the normal grazing land.
Seaweed - do you think I should move your post to make a new thread or maybe join it to one of the existing threads? It would seem more relevant perhaps? Just want it to be easily located by the search facility.

Dottie, I had wondered as to the best place to put this article but as the vegan dog food company v-dog (USA) had mentioned it on their web site I placed it here. However I am happy for you to move it to where you feel it is most appropriate.

Thank you - I decided to give it a thread of it’s own for now. We have an existing thread on grains but this study is about starch in its different forms.

A key genetic innovation in dogs diet. http://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/blog/a-key-genetic-innovation-in-dogs-diet