Evolution Naturally

After hours and hours of research before collecting our 8 week lab puppy I decided the food I would start to feed him once he’s settled in to his new home was Evolution Naturally (sold at Pets at Home). He was eating James Wellbeloved to begin with.

It’s rated 4.8 here on the website (I am currently using the puppy version though) with only a few other dry complete food scoring better. I decided to go with Evolution because it’s regularly stocked at my local Pets at Home in Exmouth, UK. It’s grain free, high protein, average level of carbs, grain free etc etc…

I originally wanted to change him to Allpaws. However this wasn’t stock at my local Pets at Home and I need something accessible without having to travel. Anyhow. We’re about half way through the transition to the new food and our little Black Lab, Blake seems to be doing fine with it (no toilet problems etc.)

Has anyone here used this food, and give their opinion on it? At the end of the day I just want my dog to have one of the best foods there is, so hopefully this is one of them.

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Hello and welcome to the forum. Well done on trying so hard to give your dog a good diet right from the beginning of his life. It’s encouraging that people are becoming more discerning about the food that they are giving to their pets. Evolution is fairly new and I haven’t really looked at it very closely but I do remember it being reviewed on here and having some discussion on the Facebook page. It does seem to be a good product.

The fact that Evolution is sold by Pets at Home and that there are stores all over the country is a real bonus because as you say, you can just pop in while you are out shopping and and collect a bag. I find this enormously useful, particularly as I prefer to buy small bags. The only problem is that it is easy to be tempted into buying other stuff too. :-\

I hope your pup does well on Evolution and that he lives a long and healthy life. Enjoy this phase of his life - it is hard work but so precious.

My breeder had been feeding BETA but suggested I switch once at home, so I spent a lot of time reading up on puppy nutrition. I’d really like to feed raw but the remade would be expensive once my GSD puppy is her adult weight, so I’ve been feeding Evolution Naturally Puppy since she was 8 weeks. I started with the cans as she was a bit underweight, then moved to the dry food with toppings. She’s now 15 weeks and loves her food - and I’m a fan of Evolution. I actually came to the site to check the rating, so I’m glad someone else is using it too.

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