Abby's Journey To Healthy Hair

I wanted to add another Shih Tzu to my home and a companion to my male last year. My husband found a ad and sight unseen we went to have a look.
She was the same age as my male but was very skinny, left outdoors all the time and in a state of neglect. Not at all what I was looking for but my heart broke seeing her in that household. So last Christmas I adopted her and brought her home.
First a vet visit for a check up and arrange spaying. She was underweight, ear infection, one ear canal impacted with dirt and hair in patches looked like it was dryer lint.
With the paper wok that came with her we searched it back in her short year of life that she was bred in a puppy mill (which still happens to be running). Sold to a puppy store, bought and passed onto another woman who didn’t want her then onto the last woman were we found her.
She was on the cheapest dog food and chews that are commonly bought in discount stores.
I put her on home cooking, groomed her with the very best shampoo and conditioners.
After three months she shed out her old trash hair, new growth was silky and shines.
She gained weight and my little junk yard dog has now blossomed into a beautiful healthy baby.
There is no substitution for quality food. Cheap dog food needs to stay where you found it…On the shelf! Don’t buy cheap food.
When I can figure out how to post pictures I will show you my sweet little girl.


Good to hear she is doing so well. I agree that food is so important. My little rescue dog had bald patches on her face but probably due to rubbing. She also had a greasy smelly coat and a wind problem! A good diet soon sorted these issues out. I do have to keep an eye on her weight though as she can lose and needs a little over the RDA’s.

Yes I’m having the same issue. At first she was so hungry and starved I just let her eat. But the vet warned after her spay to watch her weight because they tend to be over weight. So I have to space out her meals now and monitor her eating…she still thinks the next meal might not come.

Thank you for posting about Abby; it is heart-warming to hear of the way you have turned her life around. It sounds as if she had a terrible start to her life. She is so lucky to have found you. I totally agree about a good diet - it makes such a difference to their health and well being. Your comment about it taking three months to get rid of the old coat is quite pertinent because we had a question from a member who owns a Husky just a few days ago - see here.

Like many people I like to see photographs but unfortunately links are not allowed at the moment. I am checking this out with David and will let you know if this can be changed.

Abby my rescue. From trashy knotty hair to healthy hair in 6 months after a molt and good nutrition.



She gets better and better as weeks pass. Still loving her food.

Also my male Pip…No more sensitive tummy, no more scratching and itching…his allergy’s are settling down thankfully.

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