Hello all

Having had a quick look through this forum and found everyone to be pleasent and helpful(unlike some forums ive been on! :() i decided to join up.
Ive owned Benese Mountain Dogs for 20yrs.We have just the one at the moment. Ive owned Patterdale terriers for 6yrs and we now have seven of the little terrors.
I also have chickens,ducks,guinea pigs x2,Bearded dragons x2,fish tank with cichlids,Two parrots…1 amazon and 1 grey.
I have been feeding raw/natural for the past three yrs.I have had terrible cancer cases in the Bernese and itchiness in the Patts so made the decsion to change from kibble.Wish id done it sooner.
I have a part time job in a pet shop which comes in handy as i can keep up with all the new products that come out.
I dont know why my employer bothers to put my wages in my bank as i just give them back to her when i pay off my bill at the end of the month !! ;D
Regards… k9

Hello and welcome to AADF. Wow - that is a menagerie you have there. Must be hard work. I came across a Bernese last year when I was taking my little terrier puppy to ringcraft classes. What a difference - this tiny little tot next to the huge Bernese. :o My little girl was not at all perturbed though and quite happily said ‘hello’. He was a perfect gentleman too. One evening the lady said that she had spent virtually all day bathing, drying and grooming him. I can believe it, judging by the amount of hair he had. It’s good that you have found that a raw diet suits - much easier to have them all on the same food.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Wow that is a big animal family you have there. 7 terriers is not for the faint hearted :smiley:

I am glad you have found a diet that suits all your dogs. I can imagine that much of your income goes towards keeping them fed and healthy.