Hello from Thurlstone, Yorkshire

Hello from me and my six dogs (three rabbits and 15 chickens). I have a pet services warehouse (quite small), and am passionate about canine nutrition. My own dogs are raw fed with some home cooked, aged from 3 up to 11 1/2. They are three Labradors, one flat coated retriever, a fox hound and working cocker spaniel, and the last one is the one that is always causing mischief!!!


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Hello and welcome to the forum. Good to hear how you feed your dogs. It’s great to have someone on the forum who is passionate about canine nutrition and I am sure that your interest will be very useful to your customers. I like to hear of retailers who are really interested in what they sell. Look forward to hearing more from you on the forum.

Thank you. I also work two of my gundogs, although since setting the business up last year, I haven’t had time to take them out. My partner has taken my youngest Labrador out for me, she absolutely loves working on the beating line.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Good to have you on board.