Advice for first time cold pressed food

Hello. Long time lurker here.
I’m looking for a new food for my 9 year old Lab, she’s about 23kg with fortunately no health issues.
She’s had a lot of Acana and now Naturea with no problems, but I wanted to give her something better, and I found out here about cold pressed foods. However, I’m from Portugal, so getting the UK brands will be difficult.
According to the ratings here, the Gentle brand seemed like a good pick, but I can’t find a store outside of the UK that sells it. I read about Markus Muhle, Lukullus and also Naturextra/Natural-Extra (can anyone confirm if they are from the same group, is it Luposan or Laravital? Or are these just distributors?), and those I can get.
Would Naturextra be the better bet? They have all the ingredients listed on each food. It’s in Spanish though, can’t find the English version.
I think the best score I got in the instant review generator was with the Naturextra Ternera Charolesa (77%), the ingredients are (translated):
Dried and ground French grass-fed beef (30%), steamed and ground brown rice (18%), steamed and ground whole corn (8%), dried and ground beef belly, dried and ground salmon (6%) , organic minerals, dried and ground parsnip, cold-pressed vegetable oils (flax, rice, and nut oils), herb blend (caraway, fennel, and thyme), dried and ground seaweed, cereal sprouts, yolk dried egg, dried and ground fruits (apple, pear and blueberries), marsh clay, dried and ground Yucca Schidigera, spirulina algae, Jerusalem artichokes, sea fish oil, concentrated grape seed extract, and mussel meat extract Perna Canaliculus.
I’m just not sure about the steamed and ground whole corn.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Ferrera
Good news from Gentle. Gentle dog food will be available in Portugal soon.
Contact the UK office for updates about this.
Regards Beate from Gentle


Thank you for letting me know, I’m eager for its arrival on the market here. I’ll try to stay updated.
However, her current food is almost ending and I was wondering which of the three brands mentioned above would be best for the time being.

Thank you for clarifying Beate. Much appreciated. :slight_smile: