Naked Dog cold pressed vs other cold pressed foods

Hi All,

This is my first post here so happy to be redirected if this discussion already exists.

We’ve been through a variety of food for our 10 month old working cocker spaniel, previously we were feeding raw (Natures Menu nuggets) with Tribal cold pressed as his lunchtime meal and for training, we’ve found some higher reward treats affect his stomach. We then moved to butternut box and had some issues over the autumn but we think this was due to him picking up and eating acorns!

This week we have started a new 1-2-1 training with a gundog trainer and he wants us to feed all Leo’s food during training, which with butternut box, even frozen, is messy. Leo never really took to Tribal so I went looking for Wilsons based on the AADF ratings, but the local stockest according to Wilsons apparently never stocked it!

So settled on Naked Dog cold pressed, which is not rated here! Any views on this verses others please?

I have fed cold pressed food in the past but it was the original ones that were imported into the UK by Markus Muhle. I don’t have any experience of Naked Dog cold pressed dog food. The website is here. I can’t locate the ingredient list. If you have a pack it will be on there and you can enter it into the Instant Dog Food Review to obtain a nutritional rating.

Naked Dog Cold Pressed ingredients can be found at Stefs Pet Pantry.