Can I feed raw and cold pressed food together from different manufacturers

Hello everyone. First post to this forum but I’ve been referring to the website for a few years. My hound has been on raw (80/10/10) for a while and it works well for him on the whole. I find going away an issue with taking raw, and my recent investigations picked up that it is fine to feed raw and cold pressed food together, which is great. On some occasions if raw is unavailable I can then just feed him cold pressed for a couple of meals.

After searching the forum and googling, the best website that talks directly about this is the Wilsons website. I’ve tried him on their 70/10/10/10 range, which he likes and am keen to introduce cold pressed for approx 25% of his daily allowance. It’s very clear that feeding Wilsons raw and cold pressed is fine, but what I can’t find is a definitive guidance on feed cold pressed by another manufacturer with Wilsons or any other raw food - I’m keen to mix and match with something like Naturaw as I like both of these company’s approaches to sustainability as well as the quality of the food.

I think the answer is “Yes” as the cold press process is broadly the same between manufacturers I’ve looked at, so the digestion of the cold pressed would be in line with raw and cause issues. I like the look of Walker & Drake or Cobbydog cold pressed food, both having higher ratings than Wilson’s. The Wilsons cold pressed is also highly rated but I think it’s also useful to have different options in cases of manufacturing issues or availability.

hopefully someone can confirm my gut feel (no pun intended!) or if there is an issue I’m not aware of for doing this.