Cold pressed manufacturers

Hi guys. I am deciding between cold pressed Wilson, Tribal, Guru, Cobbydog and etc. Does somebody knows, where are the particular brands manufactured? It might be helpfull, when making a decision.

Hello and welcome to the forum. We have a thread about cold pressed foods here. Until the last year or two most of the cold pressed foods sold in the UK came from Markus Muhle in Germany. IIRC one or two few were manufactured in Holland but they were few and far between. Recently some UK companies have invested in the infrastructure to make their own cold pressed food products. The brands you mention are made by UK companies.

The Dog Food Directory includes the country of origin for each brand eg Cobbydog Fish Supper.

Thank you, dear Dottie, it’s really helpfull. Please do youknow from which factories they are buying it in Netherland? As for example for Tribal I see a netherlands flag there… Thank you!

The only Netherland manufacturer of cold pressed food that I know of is Farm Food. Their website is here.

we do formulation of cold pressed oils, it is extracted form crushing the seeds and pushing the oil out .