Advice needed for best complete food for Vizsla with re occurring ear irritation

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I’m new to this forum and would really appreciate advice from anyone who has experienced a similar problem. My 3 year old boy has had ear problems for the last 18 months , swabs are negative, but he does get a lot of wax build up that I keep under control with Otadine ear cleaner , but from time to time his ears flare up and he has to be dosed with steroids . Yesterday my Vet suggested a change of food , I have had him on Autarky white fish and potato , but failed to notice the yeast addition .Vet recommended Hills Science Diet but I notice your calculator does not rate it too highly .I’m looking for a grain , pea , beef, chicken free feed with as little sugar as possible that is hydrolysed… I seem to be going around in circles !!

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Hello. The recurrent ear problems may or may not be due to diet but it is worth exploring. Even if it is not, a good quality diet will improve general health. If possible, it would be best to stop extruded dry food and switch to something more natural. This could be fresh cooked, raw or wet food. If you can do a controlled elimination diet it might be useful in identifying intolerances. We have information about this on the forum (use the search box).


Thank you Dottie , that’s really helpful . I have been considering making my own batch cooked food for him . I will search for recipes on the forum

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Home cooked food is a good way of feeding dogs, particularly ones with certain health issues. However, it is best to obtain recipes first. There are some good books about this but some are not so good. Using a qualified canine nutritionist to provide bespoke recipes is likely to be helpful.

All home cooked food requires supplementation and it’s important that this is factored in when cooking. Calcium and omega oils in the correct ratio are necessary. Botanicals can also be helpful. Dogs who have inflammatory conditions may be helped by the addition of golden paste (turmeric).