Ear yeast infection

Hi, I have a 2 year old golden doodle who suffers from an ear yeast infection. I have been to the vets and was subscribed ear drops which where so expensive but did nothing to help her.
I am starting to wonder if its her diet, currently she has nature diet which is all natural. Any help or guidance would be appreciated
Thanks Mark

Please could you say which version of Naturediet you are using? I have looked in the Dog Food Directory and see that they now sell dry food as well as wet.

Regarding the diet, certain ingredients might be triggering the issue. Some dogs are sensitive to certain foods. You could switch to a limited-ingredient diet or consult the vet to find the best option for your pup.
As for the ear infection, have you tried cleaning her ears regularly? That might help prevent yeast build up. You can use some DIY solutions, but it’s always wise to ask the vet for guidance first.