Am I looking for a dry food that doesn't exist?!

We have a 9 month old schnauzer cross poodle, who is currently raw fed. Husband is keen to look in to other options so I said I’d do some research. I’ve found a wet food that I would consider feeding but I cannot find a dry food. I don’t want it to be full of fruit, veg, rice, sweet potato, herbs and all the other stuff that they seem to put in dry food. The wet food that I’ve found is essentially meat (muscle and offal) and then a bone substitute (calcium carbonate). I suppose there isn’t such a thing that exists like this in dry form? We currently spend about £1.30 a day in food.

Have a look on the Dog Food Directory for 80/20 dry food. Use the appropriate filters - a good start is clearly labelled/no red/yellow ingredients. There are more but here are a few that spring to mind: