Ambitious plans for Wilsons Pet Food

Ambitious plans for Wilsons Pet Food including moving into raw.

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I have been given a free sample of the salmon cold pressed.

…It came in a sealed sample plastic bag. I had perhaps mistakenly thought cold pressed is normally contained in bags thats can breathe/sweat…

…This has been sat, (still sealed), with me a few weeks in a centrally heated home…no signs of moisture build up in the bag… Anyone know if this seems normal for a cold pressed food in a sealed plastic bag ?

Despite my continued curiosity with cold pressed I have yet to feed or trial feed one.

I am also curious as to whether the salmon is farmed or freshwater sourced.

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Tribal TLC also comes in plastic bags and this seems fine though personally I prefer the packaging of Guru which is paper and with Velcro to reseal.

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Thanks for clarifying on packaging.

I remain a little confused re the variances of packaging with this food type.

Surely cold preseed foods either need breathable packaging or doesn’t.

If some do and some don’t then some might conclude that there can be significant differenes between various cold pressed products.

I don’t have an issue if there are differences but am am sure some consumers might want to know a bit more about any significant manufacture & preparation differences between various cold pressed products.

Re packaging of cold pressed foods, I only know that the advice for the Markus Muhle varieties (including Gentle and Guru) is that they are stored in the original bag, not airtight. In respect of the newer products which are being manufactured in the UK, there might be instructions on the packet but if not, it would be best to contact the company for advice.

Thanks - apologies for late reply.

It still wonder why some manufacturers avoid airtight yet others don’t.

Despite my curiosity I wont be contacting companies to ask why, (unless later looking to change to cold pressed).

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