Are anti-lawn burn supplements bad for your dog?

I am considering a supplement for my dog to save my lawn but are any of these ingredients bad for dogs?

Brewers Dried Yeast, Calcium carbonate, DL-Methionine, Yucca Schidgera Extract, Natural Chicken flavour, Silicon Dioxide

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I am not sure if any are dangerous but I suppose if it was to be given regularly, I would be a little cautious regardless as some elements can build up over time. From what I have read, not much on the market designed for that purpose is terribly effective.

Having always owned bitches, I have tried various remedies for grass burn. I suspect that the only thing that might be effective is to have water handy to dilute the urine. Of course this is not easy to do. As has been said, a tough grass seed could help but might not look as good.

I got fed up of patching the yellow areas with new seed so dug the grass up. After trying different surfaces we ended up with artificial grass. It was a friend who put me on to it - she has two Labradors and a tiny area of grass so her lawn was virtually non existant. Like her, we have found it to be a real boon, particularly as we are elderly and not able to maintain the garden ourselves. It is expensive but now there is more choice and different price ranges so it is worth shopping around. Ground preparation is key to a good finish.

Berkshire45 - if you are still following your topic, you might want to look at this thread which is about lawn burn. I just came across it and thought it might be useful for you. Did you make any decision about supplements?

Yes I am still following this, but I do not want to change my dog’s food away from Eden although it is a higher protein feed, also I don’t want an artificial lawn. I have purchased GreenUM supplements and will start giving them to my dog in the spring but I am not happy about giving her supplements for this purpose. thankyou to the person that provided the links to the ingredients that was very helpful.


Thank you for getting back to us. I can understand your dilemma and hope that the GreenUm helps with the problem.

Hi, 2 things; Woof & Brew (combination of herb infusion) and Dog Rocks (igneious rock) both make safe products for dogs to prevent lawn burn, in addition I sell a product called PetRepair - lawn repair kit which actually works made by an agricultural company, priced at £9.99.