Some useful links about canine arthritis:

Natural Arthritis Guide and Herbs to Help Dogs. (My Pet Nutritionist website)

Canine Arthritis Management.

I have heard that bone broth is a natural source of glucosamine and may be useful in the management of arthritis.

Turmeric (aka Golden Paste) is reputed to be anti inflammatory and may be useful in arthritic conditions.

Hydrotherapy can also be helpful.

If anyone has any further useful information and/or experience of this, please feel free to add to this thread.

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Hi Dottie,

I am a big fan of Golden Paste and used to be a fan of bone broth until I learned about lead contamination.
There is an interesting study about it here:


Thank you for your reply. I too am a fan of turmeric. My dogs have it in their food every day (it is included in the recipe). I have read good things about bone broth as a natural source of chondroitin. Have not heard about the lead issue so will read the linked article.

My (now 14 year old) small mixed breed started Hydrotherapy in September 2019, it’s really helped him. He moves so well on his walks no one can tell he’s elderly. We built this up going weekly to begin with then dropped down, in the summer he only needed 1 session a month. Over winter he goes every other week generally. His hydrotherapy centre also sell and recommend Golden Paste, I couldn’t try it for Jack as in was contraindicated in the case of his Calcium Oxalate and Struvite bladder stones unfortunately.

They also sell Joint Aid, which Jack was also on alongside his veterinary prescribed Synoquin. We haven’t built his supplements back up yet after an acute pancreatitis episode (as you may know from his other thread) and haven’t noticed him struggling yet since he’s been swimming recently.

Hi. I’m not sure whether the supplement would be suitable for your dog but have have looked at kinetic flex by Kater4k9 They are quite a new company but for my dog, this has made so much difference to his mobility in comparison to a well known brand that my vet supplies. It’s also much cheaper! I also swapped back to the old brand when I received a months free sample but I could tell the difference quickly and couldn’t wait to use kinetic flex again

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Thank you very much for the link. I had not heard of this preparation. Having read the ingredient list, it does look promising. There is an explanation of why each key ingredient is included.

RPM Goes Arthritic.