bad weather bad mood , food will help ?

hi my boy has not long turned two but he is a BIIIG boy and because of his size suffers a little with his joints aspeahaly now the weather is changing , i have had him checked by the vet regularly and as of yet they don’t say he has arthritis ect but he dose get a little stiff , saw and grumpy . so i am looking for any foods, treats and supplements i can give him to help and hopefully keep MR arther itis away as long as possible . what dose every one else use ? can any one give me any suggestions :slight_smile:

I have been reading a lot about Turmeric as an anti inflammatory lately. There is a little information in this thread here

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Welcome to the forum. I don’t fully understand your post. I gather that your dog is two years old, overweight. sometimes grumpy and that you are worried about arthritis. If this is correct, a two year old dog should not be at risk of arthritis. However, obesity does put a lot of strain on the joints so that should be addressed. Please could you provide more information?

I second what Dottie has said. If when you say he is a big boy, you mean overweight, reducing his weight would be the first step to reducing any discomfort.

Can you tell us what is he currently fed and how much does he have daily?

sorry for the confusion , no i always keep him just a little under weight as advised by are vet because of are suspicions of his hip / joint problems . he is a very big mix bread northern inuet X malamute X Czechoslovakian WD ( hopefully if iv done this right youwill be abul to see the image of him stood up against me when he was 9 months old , i am 5,4 ft tall ) we have since posting this had results back from vets confirming hip displacea and arthritis in both back hips , witch explains why he gets so sour and grumpy when the weather changes ( like any one who has bone problems ) the vet has given us pain meds and a supplement to help but i am still wondering if there is any thing else i can do to make him more comfortable , he gets oily fish based food 2-3 times a week and i am looking in to turmeric and seeing where i can get it locally :slight_smile: any help is greatly apreseated

Oh wow, he is a big boy! Sorry to hear he has these issues. The only other thing I can think of which might help with the aches is sleeping on a raised bed so that he isn’t in a draught. My dog has a wooden frame for her bed which is just a few inches off the ground but hopefully it keeps her from feeling those under door draughts.

Also, there are quite a few foods with added green lipped muscle which I believe is supposed to be helpful with joints.

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thank you will definitely look in to both though he dose spend most of his time sleeping on the sofa :slight_smile:

It may help to get him a longer sweater, probably have to knit it yourself. And definitely a coat for outside when it’s raining/cold.

Not usually a fan if there is no reason, but I think it may help him.

thank you KATRINH yes dose sound like a good idea now :slight_smile: never thort of it before with him having cold weather breads in him , he has a hivis at the minute but will definatly go on the hunt or make him some thing warmer :smiley:

You’re welcome. I had to cave this winter and get my border collie a sweater and raincoat. He was NEVER cold before, not even in way below 0 temperatures, but he had some health issues in autumn which led to weight loss and I think he never put on a proper coat either because of what he was dealing with. He stopped enjoying his walks and was shivering all the time, so I thought wth, rather dress my dog then have a bouncy ball inside all the time ;D

I had to have my mom’s friend knit one though as the store ones just wouldn’t fit him as he is not only very slender but also because of his built (more like a greyhound almost) and most sweaters were like a straight tube which would hang down on him (and ergo he’d pee in it…gross)