Autarky Chicken Dog Food

Hi all

i have just got our first dog (as a family)
its a 8 week old Jackawawa (Mum is a Jack Russell, Dad is a Jackawawa)

ive been looking around at puppy food / adult food, my local pet superstore has Autarky puppy food and adult food on half price.
£2.70 for 2kg puppy and £2 for 2kg adult

even at full prices it seems a fair price because of the high chicken meal content. i’m avoiding all the mainstream supermarket brands " Pedigree" “wagg” “bakers” ect… because from what ive read its just low grade food.

here is the break down of the puppy food in terms of composition

““Chicken meal (35%), maize, chicken fat, rice (5%), full fat linseed, yeast, alfalfa, prairie meal, peas, carrot, salmon oil, mannan oligosaccharides, marigold, milk thistle, nettle, yucca, blackcurrant, kale, beetroot, rosemary, seaweed, rosehip, thyme, peppermint, fennel, paprika, turmeric, dandelion, ginger, fenugreek, oregano, aloe vera (0.4% herbs, 4% vegetables)””

so i’d like to know what you think of the brand and this food… im thinking about buying it in bulk while its on offer… but i’d like to know other dog owners views about it

thank you

Hello and welcome to the forum. Autarkey Puppy/Junior Food is reviewed here and scores 3.8 with two red ingredients. I hadn’t come across prairie meal so have checked it out and note that it is maize gluten.

I would caution you against stocking up on dog food. It can be false economy as the food can be wasted if the dog goes off it or it doesn’t suit it’s digestive system. Also, your dog is small breed so the food is likely to last too long a time. See information about storage mites here.


thank you dottie for the advise