Best Dog Breeds for Families with Kids

Hi Dogs Lover,

I am thinking about adding a furry friend to our family and would love some advice on the best dog breeds for families with kids. We have two young children, so we’re searching for a breed that is known for being gentle, patient and good with kids.

I’ve heard that Labradors and Golden Retrievers are great family dogs. Are there any other breeds you’d recommend ?

Also, any tips on how to introduce a new dog to young children and make the transition smooth for everyone ? We’re excited about the idea but want to make sure we choose the right breed and approach it the right way.
I went through this article on internet: but I want to know more about good breed names.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and tips.


Hi steve,

There are many dogs out there that make amazing family pets.
We had 2 dogs a presa Canario and dogue-de-bordeaux cross and they were amazing with all my children.
We now have 3 dogs a collie 3yrs a Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross 1.5 yrs and a 4 month old dogue-de-bordeaux.
We had twin 4 yr olds when we got the collie and they have grown up with him knowing no different we then just introduce the other 2 dogs as puppies when we brought them.
The best advise out there would be to make sure you get a dog that meets all your day to day energy.
Getting a dog that is high energy means lots of exercise a dog with low energy needs less exercise.
I would also suggest desensitisation is a must so making sure you touch the puppy on feet tail face everywhere so its not a shock when someone does do this.
My collie is desensitised and doesnt care about anyone touching him
Introduction should start slowly so no rushing and going fast and not to noisy we always use the garden to introduce new dog to the family so choose a sunny day and spend as much time as possible to slowly let pup getvuse to the kids .
Good luck