Can anyone kindly recommend:

Can anyone kindly recommend a low fat, low calorie dry food that has fish as the main ingredient?

My 11 year old Lab has mostly wet food but I need to add some dry, otherwise it doesn’t fill him up. He has some health issues so although he is not overweight, I need a low fat food.

Thank you for any suggestions.

Hello and welcome to the forum. By low fat, I assume you mean circa 10% to 12% dry matter. You can search for these using the filters on the Dog Food Directory and setting the fat slider to that parameter. Some of the low fat varieties are listed under weight control products. Here are some ideas:
Fish 4 Dogs weight control.
Pets at Home Wainwright’s Salmon and Potato Weight Control.
Pets at Home Fishmongers low fat dry food.
Wafcol Light Salmon and Potato.
Gentle Fish is cold pressed food that has only 9.7% fat.

I found three pages of results on the Dog Food Directory by eliminating all protein sources except fish and setting the fat slider 0% to 12%. If you need help using the filters, please ask.

You could also consider bulking out the food with suitable well cooked and mashed vegetables.

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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